Kumudini Government College Believes that physical activity is very important to the holistic development of young people. Sports  foster our students’ physical, social and emotional health. In fact, the benefits of sport reach beyond the impact on physical well-being. Therefore, the value of the educational benefits of sport should not be under-estimated. In line with our above philosophy, students and teachers of Kumudini Govt. College are trying to be the best in every spheres of sports.

Our Achievements:

  • Winner of regional college level cricket competition 2014
  • Winner of regional college volleyball competition 2014

 Our Facilities:

  • Volleyball Club (facilities: 1 dedicated play ground, 2 volleyball net, 6 volleyball, around 30 active members)
  • Cricket Club (facilities: 1 dedicated play ground, 15 cricket ball, 4 cricket bat, 1 practice net, around 25 active members)
  • Swimming Activities (facilities: 1 swimming pond with 300 decimal space)
  • Athletics (facilities: equipment for long and high jump, relay, handball)
  • Cycling Club [Planned]
  • Table Tennis Club [Planned]
  • Badminton Club [Planned]

Glimpse of our sports events